Patent Management

The implementation of a patent management system may depend entirely on the company’s management structure and level of intellectual property development.

Integration of a company’s collective knowledge can understandably be a complex process, especially in respect of companies which consistently develop ideas across various divisions. Superior patent management implements the central information hub to cross-reference and accumulate the information stored across different divisions, such as manufacturing, sales/marketing and engineering, and on different formats, such as electronically, written down or annotated. This, in conjunction with an established patent portfolio, represents an increasingly valuable asset for a company.

Implementation of the patent management system

A patent management system requires considerable planning, specifically in the areas of:

The implementation of the patent management system is likely to result in considerable changes throughout the company, perhaps necessitating formal education programs and appropriate action for resisting areas within the company. The process should therefore be coordinated so that all employees are made aware of, and contribute to, patent management company-wide.

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